We Recruit...You Hire.

Helping growing companies find the best people...
each time, every time.

Your next hire could change your world.

Kada takes recruiting seriously. We connect the right talent to growing companies with a focus on finding the best people for your company, not just for right now, but the right fit for the future.

Kada has two divisions.  Recruiting for independent agencies and Executive Recruitment for growing organizations and private-equity backed companies.

Our Values.

Kada is a word from the Chamorro language that means “each”, specific to the use of “each” as in “each time”.  Always being consistent and dependable each and every time is core to our beliefs.  Do what you say you’re going to do each time.  Each interaction, each step, each person is important in the recruiting process.  While process and organization and efficient are all extremely important, recruiting should never be just a transaction.

Kada Recruiting commits to being there – each time, every time.  That means to keep looking, finding, recruiting and connecting with talent. Commitment to be consistent and constantly be iterating and innovating while still being nice, smart, honest people.

Be transparent.

Be smart.

Be nice.

Be consistent & dependable.

Headhunters for independent agencies.

Independent agencies are the BEST agencies. Why? Every single person matters directly to the success of the company and is not just another cog in the machine.

Your people aren't just your GREATEST asset, they ARE your asset (and they're beyond great). Your strategy to connect to that asset is critical to the success of your business. 

We speak agency lingo.

The world of agencies is full of nuance.

For example, there is a difference between a Social Media Manager who creates content and manages communities and a Paid Social Manager who is an ace at Facebook Ad Manager and reporting guru.

Do you need an Account Supervisor that understands HCP promotional marketing for a pharma launch?  You don't need to be sifting through resumes of people who are great at selling consumer skin care.

Kada gets it. We know agencies and would love to get to know yours.

Executive Recruiting

You may be thinking, "if people are so important to my business, why would I trust anyone else with that decision?"

Quick answer:  "Don't."  Hiring is the last part of the candidate journey.  Recruiting is where it begins.  And with recruiting comes marketing and selling and finding and chasing and connecting and engaging and screening and so much more.  It's a complex world and you're likely pressed for time because you need to hire more people to help.  

The very important HIRING decision is yours to make.  Having a partner that works with you to recruit the talent and advise you on the marketplace while saving you time in the process is a smart business decision.

Each time, every time.

Adding a person to your company is a big deal.  Changing jobs is also a big deal. This is not something that people do everyday. Kada was started and exists to provide expertise and guidance in this process.

At the end of the day, the connection we make between candidate and company matters and can make the world a better place. The world of work can be confusing. The process of making the leap to find better and to accomplish more can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Kada works to take the time out of your hands and give you transparency into the process while achieving results.

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Focus Areas.

We service all types of independent agencies - from traditional ad agency to medical communications, we place people in all roles in all sectors.