About Kada.

How it all began.

Kada's founder, Lisa Barrow, spent years traveling the US with Monster.com, working directly with staffing agencies and HR functions, guiding them on recruiting best practices. She saw the good, the bad and the ugly of how talent connected with companies.

After 10 years of telling people how to best recruit, she was driven to go out on her own and take everything she'd learned (and taught) and start her own recruiting agency. Kada Recruiting was born.

Why independent ad agencies?

Independent agencies are the in the unique position of driving scale with smaller teams for their clients, and Kada Recruiting provides the same to them.  

We understand that the new world of work isn’t about having a massive staff and layers of red tape, it’s about being efficient and providing quality.  Our clients compete with the holding companies for business, though they aren’t always household names (yet).  They may not be getting hundreds of applicants a day (and if they did, they don’t have the resources to sort through them).  They have run out of time, hours in the day and are focused on their business.  They also have a keen realization that recruiting is one of the (if not the most) parts of their success, so they are frustrated/nervous in trying to find a partner that they can trust.  

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Our Values.

Kada is a word from the Chamorro language that means “each”, specific to the use of “each” as in “each time”.  Always being consistent and dependable each and every time is core to our beliefs.  Do what you say you’re going to do each time.  Each interaction, each step, each person is important in the recruiting process.  While process and organization and efficient are all extremely important, recruiting should never be just a transaction.

Kada Recruiting commits to being there – each time, every time.  That means to keep looking, finding, recruiting and connecting with talent. Commitment to be consistent and constantly be iterating and innovating while still being nice, smart, honest people.

Lisa Barrow.


Lives in Cincinnati, formerly Charleston, SC.

Marla Hawk.

VP of recruitment.

Lives in Saint Augustine, FL. Ridiculously good at recruiting.