Independent Agencies.

Independent Agencies.

Kada works with independent agencies of all shapes and sizes.  From digitally-focused to PR to integrated to purely creative shops and everyone in between, our mission is to connect the best advertising and marketing talent to your team.

Agencies are service-based businesses, leveraging the talent of their people.  

Kada's clients are great at hiring the right talent, but having that talent delivered to them takes time, process and expertise.  Kada delivers by recruiting the right candidates and connecting them with the right agency.

Latest Vacancies

Our Sectors:


SEM, SEO, PPC, Social, Paid, eCommerce, UX, UI, Digital Strategy

But really, isn't everything digital these days?

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Account Management.

Managing Director, EVP, SVP, VP, Associate VP, Account Director, Account Supervisor, Account Manager, Senior Account Executive, Account Executive, AAE

And we didn't even add the word 'Group'...but we place those too.

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Public Relations.

PR Director, Influencer Specialist, Social Media Ninja (but really, don't title a job that), Account Executive

If you're hiring someone to promote it, we place it.

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Media Planner, Media Buyer, Programmatic, Social, Media Director

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Art, Copy, Design, Maker of beautiful things.

You know, the secret sauce people.

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Healthcare / Pharma / Med Comms.

And every other industry too.

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