My name is Lisa Barrow, and I am the Chief Recruiter for Kada Recruiting.  I graduated Vanderbilt in 2002 with a Computer Engineering/Mathematics degree and no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I started working for a small Internet job site in Atlanta, and it's there that I found my true calling - people and work.  

I went on to become a Technical Recruiter.  Recruiting for something that didn't really exist yet (remember in 2004 when you didn't have a smartphone), I had to get creative, foster and leverage my network, understand the industry and not burn any bridges along the way.  

It's that same network that took me to Monster, where I was gifted the job of studying recruiting trends and speaking all over the country about what's next in the industry.  I have spoken with thousands of recruiters of all shapes and sizes to know and discover what works and what doesn't.

Now I'm here, living in "Silicon Harbor", in the low country's growing Charleston metropolis with all of the excitement of the start-up community and large companies moving to town.  The people and the work that is going to be accomplished for the foreseeable future is beyond exciting, and I've jumped in head first and have founded Kada Recruiting.

Kada Recruiting's reach is not limited to the low country, it expands across the globe.  We connect people and work all over the world, including places like Argentina, London, NYC and beyond.  

What defines the best talent isn't the list of skills on their resume, it's their drive to be better and accomplish more than they are today in a place where they can envision a path to get there.  A job is also more than just a list of required skills posted on a website.  Getting to the core of both of these parts to connect the right person to the right work is what Kada is setting out to accomplish, each time, every time.

kada: adv. - Each, as in each time, every time.

Kada is an ancient Guamanian Chamorro word meaning "each" as in each time, every time.  Kada Recruiting works with companies to find the right talent, making sure that each and every interaction with each and every candidate is a positive one.

Kada is a full service recruiting firm located in Charleston, South Carolina.  Kada was founded on the belief that work matters and people are more than words on a resume, just as jobs are more than a list of required skills.  Kada Recruiting aims to connect people to meaningful work at the best companies in the silicon harbor and beyond.