Recruiting done right

This week is the official launch of Kada Recruiting.  Kada is a word in the Guamanian language that means each time, every time.  Kada Recruiting aims to recruit by having consistent outreach and full transparency into the recruiting process, getting the right people doing the right work, each time, every time.

Our belief is that there are two key elements that make this work:  Understanding and transparency

  • Understanding the work that a company needs to get accomplished and understanding the work that people want to accomplish.
  • Being completely transparent on what the recruiting process is and what the driving factors are in that process.


Truly talented smart people, can be annoyed by recruiters.

A Division 1 college football team has a head coach and staff responsible for recruiting.  They also have scouts that they work with across the country to identify talent.  All of these individuals understand the rules and nuances of the game.  They understand all of the positions. They know what key skillsets can cross over to other positions and which won’t.  They may personally have never suited up and even for those who have, they may not have been the best, but they know everything about the world of football and where the gaps are for the team and what type of talent is needed for that team to win. 

Recruiting for corporations is no different.  They have the manager of a team who is hiring, an internal recruiting team and potentially other recruiters who help identify the talent and bring the right people to the hiring manager.  Talent drives sports teams to win and it drives companies to be successful. 

But it is different.  Outside of the hiring manager, the level of knowledge of the other recruiters in the process tends to drop.  They don’t always understand “the game”.  Imagine a football scout who’s never watched a game and it just looking at score sheets.  The scout could call on a kicker to fill the role of a quarterback.  They both score points; they both play football.  After multiple calls the kicker would be annoyed.  Or worse, they would say, “sure I can do that” and then the head coach is left trying to filter through hundreds of mismatched players. 

This happens in technical recruiting all of the time.  A hiring manager is looking for a software developer to build an iPhone app.  A mobile Android developer gets a hundred calls from recruiters asking if they’re qualified.  ”Hey, you build apps, you code, you can do that right?”  Annoying.

Kada Recruiting knows the technical game and its nuances.  They’re constantly on the search for who does what, what are the transferrable skills and where there can be a fit for the work a company is trying to accomplish.


Every great relationship is built on honesty.  Honestly, not every person is qualified for every job.  They should be told that.  Sometimes, you’re not going to make the team, and that’s okay.  There’s learning in that.  Timing is a factor.  Life situations are a factor.  Sometimes the process can be messy and it’s important to know what is happening and how to and when to move on. 

Kada Recruiting believes that this builds long term relationships with everyone, people who are hiring and the talent that exists to be hired.  Ongoing communication and transparency is key to success. 

Work is complicated.  People are complicated. 

Understanding work and being transparent with people is what drives recruiting done right. 

To learn more about Kada, check out our story.  Also, feel free to connect with us anytime.