Work is more than "where you go", it's "what you can accomplish"


Driving toward accomplishment means achieving success. And it's PEOPLE that make that happen.

The world of work can be confusing.  The process of making the leap to find better and to accomplish more can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Kada works to take the time out of your hands and give you transparency into the process while achieving results.

Connect to accomplish more.  Each time.  Every time.


kada: adv. - Each, as in each time, every time.

Kada is an ancient Guamanian Chamorro word meaning "each" as in each time, every time.  Kada Recruiting works with companies to find the right talent, making sure that each and every interaction with each and every candidate is a positive one.

Kada is a full service recruitment agency focused on bringing the right talent to the right companies across the world.  Kada was founded on the belief that work matters and people are more than words on a resume, just as jobs are more than a list of required skills.