You're more than just words on a resume.


You deserve to get a call back.  To understand how this process called "recruiting" actually works.  You're thinking about making a life decision, and it should be more than a short conversation about whether or not you "have this list of skills".

Working with Kada Recruiting means working with professionals who care about matching you with the right company.  We want to get to know you as a person and will work with you to best position you with the openings at our partnered companies. 

Work is more than "where you go", it's "what you can accomplish"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kada recruit for?

Kada focuses on helping companies experiencing rapid growth who are recruiting for people who work with cutting-edge technologies and processes.

This includes digital marketing, technology and creative talent for service firms and agencies across the globe.  Kada specializes in mid-level career up through executive talent.  

If you work within technology and/or digital marketing, please contact us!  

I’m looking for a new job, can you help me find one?

Maybe.  Kada works on behalf of the companies that we partner with to find the best talent that is the best fit for their growing organization.  Our access to jobs is based on the hiring needs of our client companies.  Kada is always on the lookout for great talent.  If there is a great opportunity that we know about, we want to work with you.  If we aren’t working on a job that is a good fit for you at the moment, we will let you know, because there is nothing worse than not hearing anything.  Kada will be in touch no matter what, each time, every time. 

Recruiters call me all the time, why are you any different?

Recruiting firms (sometimes also known as staffing firms, recruiting/staffing agencies) make a living by partnering with companies to help fill open positions at that company. 

This sometimes leads to a rat race of who can call the person with the “right skills” first, hounding anyone with the right keyword mix on their LinkedIn profile to take a job that isn’t aligned with what they really do.  This comes from a lack of acumen in recruiting and a lack of understanding your profession and what you as a person can contribute, build and accomplish. 

Kada partners with companies to help fill their open positions.  The Kada difference is that we view you as a person who we want to build a relationship with and get to know.  A person who may not be a fit at every organization based on what “skills” you have listed.  Changing jobs is a big deal, not to be taken lightly.  If we are working an opening where you could be a good fit, we’ll talk to you more about it.  If you aren’t a fit, we’ll tell you that too.  Transparency is key in this business, and our goal is to make sure you’re treated as a person, not a resume.  Each time, every time. 

Why don't companies just do their own recruiting?

Companies can absolutely recruit their own talent.  Companies are also very busy growing their business while they are running their business.  For newer start-ups, a surge in growth means hiring a lot of people fast.  Faster than one person might be capable.  Kada partners with companies that care so deeply about their recruiting process that they want to make sure that the time is taken to make sure you aren’t kept in the dark. 

Companies are also made up of individuals with a variety of different skills and talents.  Having a recruiting team that is networked in all business segments is challenging, and it is in their best interest to work with partners like Kada to help in certain specialties.  Kada’s aim is to network and get to know the markets we recruit in to ensure that you get to the work that you can be your best you and accomplish more.